Welcome to the Club4Carers!

If you care for a loved one with dementia – this is the place for you.


Coaching and support for carers of those living with dementia

I’m Chris Bezant and I founded the Club4Carers because four of my relations have lived with and died with dementia. I’ve seen how caring for a loved one with dementia can put huge and unexpected emotional and physical stresses on us. My aim is to support you to be the best carer that you can possibly be, by prioritising self care together with care for your loved one.

As carers, we naturally put all our efforts into looking after our loved ones. Yet we often forget that we are their lifeline – their most precious resource – and that we need to look after ourselves too!

As dementia takes control of our loved one, so it also seems to tighten it’s stranglehold on us. Just when we think we’ve got things under control, the rug seems to be pulled from under us, knocking us off balance yet again.

That’s where the Club4Carers can help.

The Club4Carers Has 3 Aims

To show you the way when you feel lost


To hold your hand when you feel alone


To give you a hug when you need comfort

We’re building a community of likeminded people who have been through or are going on the same journey as you. Ordinary people like you or me who are doing extraordinary work as inexperienced family carers. Our community of carers is the lifeblood of our club – sharing their knowledge, newly acquired experience and compassion. And secondly we also help you through providing online support and coaching for all aspects of your journey as a carer. These are under eight sections, and if our community is our lifeblood, then our online support and coaching sections are like the vital organs of our club – each with a specific job and purpose. Caring for a loved one with dementia is never going to be easy, yet with the love and support of our community and the coaching packages that we offer, you stand the best chance of making the most of your journey as a carer, both for yourself and for your loved one. We’re sure that you’re going to love being a valued member of the Club4Carers and we feel privileged to join you on your journey. Thank you for being a dementia carer.

Join the Club4Carers to get Membership support and coaching

Working with partners who are experts in their field, I’m building a whole toolbox of online support and coaching to give you the resources that you want for your journey as a carer.  This coaching will be free to you as a member of the club.  Everyone’s journey is unique, yet there are huge similarities along the way.  Each month we’ll be adding new resources so keep a look out for the ones that you really need wherever you are along your journey.

My Heart

Helping you to manage your emotions and your mindset and to overcome feelings of guilt and premature grief that we all feel at some point on our journey.

My Body

Helping you to keep fit and active with some simple quick exercises that you can do in your own home, garden or local park.

My Food

Helping you with some quick and easy tips for tasty ways managing your diet (and that of your loved one) without taking up half of your day. Eating well gives you the fuel to feel great and cope with the challenges of the day.

My Friends

So often “friends” just seem to disappear once we become a dementia carer. Sound familiar? It’s so important to nurture and develop your friendships – helping your friends to understand that it’s not as scary as it may seem to them.

My Money

Helping you to cope with one of the greatest challenges that we all face as carers – as if we didn’t have enough to worry about! This coaching will help you to make friends with money.

My Home

Helping you to have a dementia friendly home that can save you a whole lot of grief. Who knew that your patterned wallpaper would suddenly cause your loved-one real distress or that their reflection in the mirror could be seen as an intruder? When your loved-one is content, it makes your job a whole lot easier.

My Life

This is all about you, your day and your own memories. It’s so important that as carers, we don’t forget about ourselves. My life helps you to keep journals and records, to treasure those happy moments and to give you the peace of mind that you have a “plan B” for those unexpected eventualities.

My Dreams

Helping you to have a dream. Maybe a dream that one day you’ll visit the seven wonders of the world, study the stars, learn to do knitting or wood carving or whatever. It’s so important to have a vision for the future – a dream – for something special that you’d love to do when your caring days are over.

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