Learn more about the Club4Carers

The Club4Carers is all about you. It’s a special place where you can share your feelings, ask for advice and benefit from a wealth of online support and coaching designed specifically for carers like you.

About Us

The Club4Carers is a new community which is designed specifically for dementia carers. It’s a place where you can chat to like-minded people who have been through or are currently experiencing similar challenges to you. A place to vent your frustrations, ask others how they’ve handled similar situations and sometimes just chat – because it’s good to talk!

The Club4Carers is YOUR place! 

The Club also aims to provide you with a toolbox of top tips, support and coaching to help you. You’ll learn to manage your emotions and grapple with those feelings of guilt and grief. And we’ll help you to stay fit and handle the myriad of challenges facing you – whether financial, social, logistical or simply coping with that ‘here we go again’ feeling at the beginning of each day. 

The Club4Carers is all about YOU! 

The Club is absolutely new so we’ll be adding new content and resources on a regular weekly basis for at least the first year!  Please bear with us and remember that as one of our founder members, you’ll get extra special attention from me and the team while we build the club. 

The Club4Carers stands with YOU! 

 It’s a real privilege to have you on board and to stand, side by side with you as you go on your journey.  Thank you! 

And more than anything, thank you for being a dementia carer.  Those of us who have been on the journey or witnessed close family members on the journey, understand the huge sacrifice that you make. We know the love that you share and the pain that you feel.  You’re amazing!  Feel proud of what you do. And rest assured that we will do all that we can to support you through our experience, training and our community. Thank you for being a dementia carer.