Money issues are one of the biggest bugbears for carers. That ever present nagging fear that the money is going to run out or that this moneth we just can’t meet the bills. Money causes huge anxiety – as if we didn’t have emough stress already.

This section will look at making friends with money. Not having it as an embarrassment but as something that’s under our control.

We also take a look at the legal side of Power of Attorney (POA) and Court of Protection Orders (COP). It’s important to set up one or other of these so that you can manage money on behalf of your loved one.

If your loved-one is in the early stages of dementia, it may be a good time to look into getting a small residual income. We’re not suggesting that you’ll become a millionaire and be able to put you feet up (it’s a nice idea, but let’s keep it real). A residual income could make the difference between just comfortably managing each month and having the additional stresses and strains of not quite managing.And it may be just one or two hundred poubds each month that makes the difference between anxiety and and the comfortable knowledge that everything’s covered.

Knowing that you can pay the bills brings huge peace of mind so this is a really important section of the training in the club.