My life is all about your lifestyle, making the most of your situation, getting reassurance by writing things down and also by having a backup plan to anticipate and be ready for the unexpected!

Regardless of how your lifestyle has changed since you became a dementia carer, it’s still important to make the most of what you have. So taking up a home-based hobby can be a great way to get some satisfaction in an otherwise unsatisfactory situation. Whether it’s gardening (or window box gardening if you live in a flat), sewing, doing the crossword or whatever, it’s so important to have something that you enjoy doing that’s just for you!

Keeping a journal is also important, firstly for keeping track of your loved-one and remembering what they ate and when, which morning they were feeling a bit groggy and when the district nurse visited. Secondly it’s great to keep a happy diary to keep a note of those all too forgotten moments of joy – a smile, a kiss, a moment of peace or a simple squeeze of the hand.

Finally it’s often a good idea to formulate a “Plan B” or if you like, several “Plan B’s” to cover a range of eventualities. Knowing that you have a plan can bring huge peace of mind, and although you may adapt it a bit in the situation where you find that you need it, just having it there is a great starting point. And remember – Plan B could be necessary if something happens to you!