The Club4Carers is all about you!

We’re building a great community and some fantastic resources to support you on your journey as a dementia carer. We’re with you! We know what it’s like and care about you.  We’d love to be with you on your journey.

The Club4Carers is all about you!

By joining the Club4Carers, you join an exclusive community of wonderful carers who are on the same journey as you. You can post questions in our private facebook group and chat with other carers in the group. You can share experiences of what’s worked for you and what hasn’t. And you can vent – because we all have times when we just need to offload our frustration!

You also get access to the exclusive “members only” section of this website, where you’ll find our eight sections of online coaching and resources to help you on every step of your journey.  This will become the the most valuable resource that you could possibly want. And though there are no miracle cures – or indeed anything that you couldn’t find somewhere else on the web, we aim for this to be the one place where you’ll find all the information that you need to help you on your journey.

What’s more, there will be regular exclusive “members only” online webinars with experts to help you to stay on track and on message.  People who understand your challenges of time, money, freedom, emotions and frustration. people who can help you to stay in control rather than being swept away in a tide of confusion.

And we have two guarantees – because we know that you’re under stress.  If you decide that the Club4Carers is not for you, just go to your membership page and click the “cancel” button – it’s as simple as that. No hassle. No fuss. No persuasive sales techniques.

But for those times when you’d love to stay but you have an unexpected  financial problem – maybe you need to replace a heating boiler or have some urgent work done to your house – you can pause your membership by simply clicking the “pause my membership” button on you membership page. Pausing removes your access to the resources, but allows you to rejoin at the click of a button without having to start again, fill forms again or anything like that.

The sooner that you join us, the sooner that you’ll start benefiting from the community and resources.  It’ll be a privilege to join you on your journey.  So please, click the button below and join the Club4Carers.

The work that you do and the dedication and love that you share is just amazing. Thank you for being a dementia carer.